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Dishes should try in Viet Nam

Fried Quail with Butter

From many amazing Vietnamese street food, We would like to introduce one delicious dish in rainy day. It is called Fried Quail with Butter (Chim Cút Chien Bo).
The crispy and yellow skin will help you have a good appetite and good eye-catching. Eating with mango salad and bread is all a good choice.


The name banh xeo translated to English literally means “sizzling cake or pancake”.
Banh xeo is made from rice flour mixed with coconut milk and seasoned with turmeric which creates the yellow color. Inside, the crepe is packed with slices of boiled pork, shell-on prawns, bean sprouts and sprinkled with a handful of mung bean. It served with fresh vegetable and dipping fish sauce in rainy days is never better.


One dish you would not want to miss out on in Vietnam. Beef wrapped in Betel leaves (BO LA LOT) is made from fresh, minced beef which is lightly spiced and seasoned then wrapped tightly into Betel leaves. Perfect when grilled on piping hot charcoal!

Like many other grilled Vietnamese meats, BO LA LOT is best served with Rice vermicelli (Bánh hỏi or Bún), herbs, rice paper, green banana, cucumber, pineapple, starfruit and an assortment of pickles.

To eat: Place the rice paper on the palm of your hand. Add some herbs, pickles and vermicelli, then follow it up with the Bo La Lot. Wrap it all up in a neat roll and dip it into the sweet shrimp sauce (a special concoction made from fermented shrimp paste, lemon, minced garlic and chillies).

Grilled Scallop with Spring Onion and Peanut

One of best delicious Vietnamese Street Food is Fresh Seafood. Many types of seafood from fishes to snails live in Sea of Vietnam. They can bring many delicious dishes for people especially young Vietnamese.
If you love seafood, a night of relaxing on small chairs and enjoying a couple of beers, is one of the finest ways to enjoy Saigon.

Vietnamese Dessert Soup

When we talk about Vietnamese Dessert, most people will mention Chè (a sweet Vietnamese dessert soup). It’s very popular with Vietnamese teenagers! One tray has 16 different types of Chè, each with a unique taste and each delicious in it’s own way! You’ll find many street food vendors selling these delicious bowls.

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