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Where to shop in Viet Nam?

If you do not speak Vietnamese, shopping will take time in the beginning. Some people recommend one or two initial shopping expeditions in the company of Vietnamese friends, who can assist in the selection of stores and offer advice on prices and the quality of items.

Department Stores 

Department stores in Vietnam stock a wide variety of goods, including clothes, electrical appliances, furniture, cosmetics, household items and food items.


Supermarkets are increasing in number and becoming popular among the Vietnamese. You can often find items at lower prices than at department stores or small stores. U.S. and other foreign brand foods and specialties may be obtained at the various western style supermarkets throughout the city.

Local Markets 

Shopping at the local markets for food can be a cultural experience in itself. Fresh produces, seafood, meat, and poultry are sold at the markets from morning to night. You can easily find various kinds of fresh products at very good prices here. However they are usually crowded and dirty. Don’t be surprised if you see chickens being killed and other dead animal products out in the open.

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