About Me

Hi! My English name is Sky (my Vietnamese name is Thiên), and I’m the proud founder of Ground To Sky Tours. I’m from a small village in the province of DakLak, in the highlands of Vietnam; it’s also the Coffee Capital of Vietnam!

I love travelling, food, and conversing with tourists!

My dream is to motivate others to live a happy and interesting life while making Vietnam a better place to live and visit.

Who we are

Hi! We are the “Ground to Sky Tour Group”. We are an association of young tour guides who are passionate about making your time in Sai Gon unforgettable.  We are dedicated to giving you an adventure of a lifetime by exposing you to the local culture, history, cuisine and hospitality of our city. We are bringing a new paradigm to the local tour industry.  A grounded group of young tour guides with a sky high vision.  To bring memorable, people based travel experiences to life…

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring you to experience the REAL Vietnam. We strive to make every tour the most fun, unique and authentic experience for you.

We know you want to eat where the locals eat and do what the locals do, so join us!

Meet our team!

Our tour guides!