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Ground to Sky Tour takes you to where the ground reaches for the sky.  It’s an overnight camping trip high on the mountain. You’ll enjoy the splendid scenery of distant cities from the summit.  As the day ends you’ll bask in the serenity of a bright star filled sky or a misty blanket of light fog.

The tour begins in the city at 9AM.   We’ll go to the mountain by scooter (or bus if needed).  After 3-4 hours we arrive at the base point, where we get ready for our leisurely hike up the mountain. (3-5 hours).

At the very top of the mountain, we’ll set up camps, cook some food (BBQ) and enjoy one another’s company before we “retire” for the night in our tents.  In the morning we’ll wake up at sunrise and enjoy a breakfast around 7AM.  After a couple hours of relaxation we break camps around 9AM and have lunch at the site before heading back to the city.

$97usd/person - 2 days

Price Includes

  • One small flashlight
  • A pair of gloves
  • A sleeping bed
  • Rain coat
  •  Tents
  • Food, water and drinks during the tours
  • Entry tickets + insurance
  •  Transportation


  • Gia Lao Mountain is the second highest mountain in the South of Vietnam after Black Virgin Mountain, this mountain reaches  837m from the ground and 70 miles from Saigon.


  • We will stop whenever one of us feels tired and take a rest, have some Chocolate, get some water to get more energy and when everyone gets ready we will start hiking again.
    What you have to carry during the trekking:
  •  Your stuff
  •  Jackets, outfits…
  • Keep your stuff as light as possible


  • There are some things we need to go over before hand so that you can have the best and most hassle-free trip of your life. Please let me know of any allergies you may have or of any conditions and discomfort with food or mode of transportation (for example riding scooters). I’m flexible so just communicate with me throughout the trip so that I can give you as many options as possible!
  • It would be really cold at night when we do camping, therefore you must be provided enough outfits to keep you warm.